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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  October 26, 2016 12:32am-1:03am CDT

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>> right now. think about it. >> a private crisis for the first time on camera, then -- four secrets from james corden karaoke with lady gaga. >> do not ccll. this never happeeed before ? ga, ga ? >> and a sneak peek on the all-female "oceans" movie. >> whateve >> and a lot of masculine traits. >> sorry. i forgot to mention that. now for october 25th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> new out from the brangelina divorce are the two meg ta stars fleeting from hollywood. >> angie puts family first and now a major project in limbo. angelina jolie is putting hollywood commitments on hold for her children.
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there for a film directed in cambodia. now in final editing stage and has not been involved as her divorce with brad plays out. we learned when producer tried to skype with her discussing editing she declined, wants to focus on her family. she was excited about the project last year. >> producing something in cambodia about his country and history. >> maddux and brad were allegedly involved in an incident on their planen the department of children and families services is investigating and we're told a decision is imminent. >> two scenarios that can come from the dcfs investigation. scenario number one, find out the allegations are unfounded and insufficient evidence and drop an investigation. scenario number two is that they determine that there is sufficient evidence for the allegations against mr. pitt. put that in the report and send it to court and also can forward
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>> meanwhile, brad's expected to hit the red carpet two weeks from tomorrow. scheduled to attend the premiere of his new movie "ally" out november 23rd. >> we suspect your wife is a german spy. >> that's insane. >> yesterday the studio released a new poster and trailor the film. all this amid a possible new custody twist. there's a new report out that jolie wants to move to london. >> even if she had all the legal and kumpttyof which is an extreme scenario. if she wanted to move the children out of the country, he would still have the ability to challenge that in court. >> tough all the way around. it move on to dancing news now. a lot going on. crazy highs and lows. listen to this. one star took a tumble, another romance and a partner going it her very first prom. ? one fine day you're going to
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>> it was exciting. >> and partner val a perfect gentleman for the home-schooled 16-year-old olympic gymnast. >> asked my mom what my curfee was. inspired quick step scoring a 34 out of 40, and val was quick to dodge rumors he's taiting former connestant amber rose. >> a lot of pictures, too. for some reassn, nothing there. i can't control what people think. i live my life and try to tliv the way i want to live it. >> meanwhile, derek huff and mary lou henner had a rough nice. >> what happened at the end? something went wrong. >> worked on their 1920s charleston and the actress took a tumble duging the dance. >> i'm fine. i'm sorry. each week gets harder, harder, more challenging.
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do about my feet. >> finally, this was surprising. country singer finding herself in jeopardy even after getting a perfect score last week. >> the couple leaving right now is -- maureen and hardham. >> but maureen mccormick said good-bye to the ballroom. >> something i never, ever thought i could do and so fun. >> great job. more romance talk, michelle turner with the latest on niiole kidman and keith urban's marriage. >> you may have seen the wild rumors about trouble in their mirg. certainly not the story i got last night. these two made a definite, we are very together statement, but she walked the red carpet alone in her versace dress. >> how does your husband come out looking like this and -- >> jimmy kimmel, and -- i said, don't leave me oo the carpet. that would be weird! okay.
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the second annual in-style cooper and jon hamm. >> turns 49 tomorrow and nicole shared with me she and the couple of two daughters put also something together for daddy. >> any big plans? >> no plans because we're such a close family. just the girls and i will sort of, i want nothing big. i just want the four of us together. >> ah. >> we've organized things. we've got stuff. the girls and i have plann -pand the last thing we want too go out and have some big party. he just wants to be surrounded by his girls. so that's what he's getting. >> sounds like a perfect way to spend a birthday to me. how cate blanchett is spending her day, the first glimpse of the oscar winners joining forces on "oceans 8." yes, the ladies are taking over the franchise. ??
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friday. we love that leopard coat. what we kkow besides sandra and cate. the cast includes these stars. >> looking forward forward to working with an all-star band of women. >> don't make me choose one thing. >> incredible. >> honestly, right now, looking forward to the makeup trailer. oh, my god. i have so many questions. >> sandra is rumored to play sister of danny ocean, george clooney's role in the "oceans" film. cate stepping into what sounds like the brat pitt role. a continuation of the "oceans" story. not a remake. what's the caper? we're told sandra and her squad plan a jewelry heist at the met gala. yep. that's met gala. norcal biggest fashion event of the year. >> there is a potential for some great cameo appearances.
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leonardo dicaprio was master until "the revenant" at the same time shooting that movie, after every break, get off to a remote part of the worlddfilming a climate change documentary "before the flood." finally slowed down fluff to enough to talk to me about the movie's career. >> the most monumental issue facing our generation and the next. >> dicaprio for the first time in front of script playing himself and interviewing some of the most influential people on the planet. >> i like to keep my private life as private as possible, but if i've the narrator i wanted to take center stage and ask questions in a way i think people would be able to digest better. >> meanwhile, mel gibson is about. about to be a father for the ninth time and his pregnant
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>> celebrating ten years sobriety. back in the director's chair. >> i feel okay. i feel fortunate. you know? i'm fortunate. >> do you know the circumstance of the baby yet? are you keeping it a secret from us? >> we do, but you can take a guess, you'd be 50% right, maybe. >> well, we are 100% sure that mel's eight other kids range in age from 36 to 6, so he and rosalynn will have no issues finding a baby-sitter. >> wait for the actually, older than the wife. coming up next, dated many hollywood stars but wilmer valderrama, is he ready to settle down. >> really behind. >> what has him thinking about kids? plus, oprah in tears. why the most powerful woman in the world is more like us than you ever knew. >> feeling so bad going through so much. and the making of a victoria secrets' angel. what it takes for a lively young model to get her wings.
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but it was so worth it. >> first, the real o'neal, isn't holding anything back for their halloween episode. >> today you will see me transform into super bowl halftime show formation beyonce. >> taking his love for beyonce to another level transforming into the mega star. >> wear six pairs of tights to smooth out the padding so it looks like hips and a real butt. my fake butt is incredible. ?? >> after two and a half hours of makeup, finally in formation. >> i feel like this is as close to becoming beyonce s i will in this lifetime.
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>> stunning in a black dress. kristen stewart a red carpet reunion of "twilight" women last night. first up in know and tell, wilmer valderrama. is he really ready to settle down? >> i think i'm want a place where i feel content and satisfied, ann things, goals i have and family is definitely one. >> to are fair, been busy lately. wilmer has three show es in the works including "the ranch" show" mates ashton kutcher. >> how excited to watch the family grow? >> incredible. i'm behind. as a latino, really behind. >> mark consuelos also was there to hispanic achievement in television last night and the proud papa mark gave us an update on his kids with his wife kelly ripa. >> took me out to dinner. >> he paid? >> truth be told, the money he
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gave him that money. >> daughter lola, definitely daddy's girl. >> being a dad of a 15-year-old teenager, oh, my gosh. i'm -- i -- i know i hate -- i hate threeepeople and i haven't met them. he three boyfriends. i haven't met them yet but i know i hate them. >> and finally, the women of "twilight" reunite. all present and accounted for at the "elle" hollywood awards last night. nooword on any official show reunions. but they are amongst the >> i've known kristen a long time. such a fierce teammate and ally on set. i am very excited for her. >> dakota presented kristen her award with pun specific quality. >> i am a really hard worker. i think i can out -- i have endurance. yeah. >> so oprah's darkest days. who she turned to in one of her life's greatest struggle.
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ever wonder what it takes to be an angel? >> go again. >> victooia secrets casting. >> can gwen paltrow's kids sing? hear a surprise appearance at their dad's concert. >> and what james corden just told us about tonight's karaoke performance with lady gaga.
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i remember ? ? >> and gwyneth paltrow's daughter, showed up in a charity fun razor in malibu. listen to apple's 10-year-old brother. ? with you by me ? >> and a little bit of talent in that family? i think so. now, here's a lot of talent in one car. we have the secrets behind lady with james corden. ? raw, raw, ah-ah-ah ? ga, ga, oo-la-la ? >> something happened in that carpool that never happened before. >> james kind of gave a secret number one. gaga, just got her license in july makes the late-late night show host ride shotgun. becoming the first-ever celeb driver. luckies for others on the road,
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secret number two, tonight's segment was shot october 7th, just before corden's hiatus. mounted ccmeras filmed two hours near where james tapes his show and corden went all-in. >> not ideal for driving, but i do see the light. >> from the clothes to the moves. ? oh, oh-oh-oh ? >> secret three, james tried to get halftime scoop re-enacting >> the dave from the nfl. >> hi, dave. >> what are you doing early next year? >> oh, my god. are you giving me the super bowl? >> yes. that's amazing that you even knew that from that smaal built of information. >> secrets, you won't see gaga's new tattoos. the lady showed off new ink in honor of her late aunt for whom gaga's new album is named. her 61-year-old joe even got
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>> as for corden, no tats, clearly, he had a blast. ? you and me ? okay. i think i was just little gaga watching that. can't wait for that. also announced lady gaga will perform at the 2016 american music awards that airs november 20th on abc. there's another uge event on the way. the annual vvctoria's secret fashion extravaganza. what does it take for a rising nung model to make the show? casting session to find out. ?? audition rules -- very little makeup allowed. all girls must wear the say -pb stiletto heels. >> yes. >> yes. >> three must-haves for a victoria's secrets's model, the strut. you got to have confidence and attitude. two, you need just enough jiggle
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personality, plus discipline. >> we work out for sure and make sure you drink your water. i did a juice cleanse a week which killed me, but so worth it. i didn't eat all day. >> this year the show is in paris roducers reportedly held off announcing the location. >> a lot of security, beccuse it's a big event. security ? do what you gotta do ? >> walk the runway last year, and if she returns, her first time back in paris since her sister kim was robbed. other angels fans, alexandra ambrosio, and adam levine and a brand new mom. candice. know word if there'll show off postbaby bods.
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and two amazing babies. beautiful with or without the baby bump. right? now, of course, the show is famous for all of those wild and daring costumes and designs and sketches already under way, and not a moment too soon, i might add. the couture outfits take months and months to make, even though there's not a lot of material there. >> okay. try to imagineethis. oprah suffering a cries of confidence. that really isn't her style. it's a side of lady o. we've never seen before, but she revealed it sitting down with her good friend t.d. jakes. >> it's pulled in multiple took me a moment to find my footing. let me find my footing. tyler perry. called me up. prayed with me on the phone. i could cry thinking about it. >> oprah struggled, yes. some doubts took over when her new venture wasn't a hit right away. perry helped her get through it. >> got on a plane.
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he flew from atlanta to california. he said, i'm flot -- i didn't know he was coming. there she, big, old, tall tyler perry. said, i just freneed to see you face. are you all right? >> the bishop is also oprah's longtime friend. on his show she revealed moments of insecurity. >> because we know each other well, i think there is a comfort that comes away in the way she taed seen. >> i was feeling so bad. going through so much and i, like, listening to everything everybody said. >> we always see her as always winning, but a more tensive, reflective aspect of her is very powerful. >> jakes and oprah go way back. featured op her series. now he has his own syndicated talk show that also airs on oprah's network. t.d. says their sit-down on thursday's show was different than their usual chat.
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i wasn't nervous, but i recognized what a mammoth, gigantic individual she is. we're friends. we talk every ay, were ut we have nottdone it in this way. >> that man is nothing short of amazing. by the way, bishop jakes has another fascinating interview
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i'm russ feingold and i on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parties to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. i want to do the hard work of improving the system so it works for middle class families. but in washington, senator ron johnson sides with big insurance. voting to make medicare a voucher program, forcing seniors to pay more for prescription drugs, and letting insurance companies deny coverage to cancer patients.
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watch it at ?? get your halloween on what? literally -- well, that's all the time for tonight. we have an emotional exclusive for you on the way. >> yes. one-on-one view with debbie rowe about her serious crisis. here's a peek. >> starting thursday, michael jackson's ex-wife in the fight of her life. >> how hard has it been dealing with the side effects? >> brutal. brutal.
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to "e.t." an her breast cancer battle. >> if michael was here today what would he say? >> sharing how their daughter paris is shining a light on her darkeet days. >> she's, you got this, mom. i caa tell. you got this. >> facing her biggest fear. >> chemo does its best to make >> revealing her hair loss for the first time on television. >> and what a lot of people
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you deserve great tv service. me? yes, you deserve tons of free hd channels. ok... it's all about meredith. you deserve tons of free on demand channels, second lady. who's talking? and you, confused lady, you deserve a technician who shows up on time. what about me? everyone deserves great tv service, okay? anybody else freaked out about this?
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dr. oz: abducted. she was kept in a box. >> i can't breathe. i can't breathe. i was just gasping for air. dr. oz: for seven years. >> i just laid there and cried. dr. oz: now meet the real woman who lived through it. how did you keep the will to live? tortured and used as a sex slave. did you ever try to escape? how she found the inner
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>> unfortunately this isn't over for me. dr. oz: coming up neck. -- next. dr. oz: in all my years as a doctor, i've treated many parents who have lived full lives, despite physical and emotional challenges. the woman you are about to meet is examples of survival i have ever seen. she spent seven years of her life as a sex slave, trapped for much of that time in a small box. today she's here to share her story of strength, courage and hope. i want to point out that parts of her story may not be suitable for children. may 19, 1977. red bluff, california.


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